Shower Pans, Receptors & Bases

Higher Education

Is it time to upgrade the showers in your residence halls?  We can help.  Are you building new halls to replace old structures?  We can help with that, too.  Tower Industries has provided solutions for many prestigious schools like MIT, Purdue, The University of Maryland and The Ohio State University.

Some projects were new construction, while others required custom bases and walls to fit in existing spaces.  Click on an option below to explore how we can solve your shower and countertop problems, too!


Not every project has a cookie cutter design. In fact, most projects don’t. Have you ever found yourself trying to make standard items fit into projects that are heading in the non-standard direction? Existing drains don’t have to limit your project.  New construction, or a remodel, we can create the perfect solid surface shower pan to fit your single or multi-unit shower needs.


Residence halls, offices and recreation centers around the country have been getting the “Tower treatment.”  We’ve installed ADA approved showers as well as single and multi-units  Click on the button below to see new construction as well as remodels.

University Bathing 101

Are you choosing the right shower surface for your campus? Smart higher education providers know that students worry about everything from slipping or falling to fungus or bacteria in residence hall showers – and the right shower surface can affect these concerns drastically!

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