Meridian Solid Surface Shower Inside Corner Molding – CornerSeal®

Model: MSTM00CS

The Meridian Solid Surface CornerSeal® inside corner trim molding provides a secure barrier against moisture penetration while simultaneously providing a clean transition from shower panel to shower panel.

CornerSeal® is designed to work in tandem with our Meridian Solid Surface shower wall panels to provide a
secure barrier against moisture infiltration while also allowing for the panels to be ordered slightly smaller than
the wall, thus eliminating much of the trimming and scribing that is typically required at time of installation.

All Meridian Solid Surface products are non-porous, so they resist mold, mildew, and stains and do not support
the growth of harmful bacteria.

  • Available in any length from 36” to 120”
  • Choose from a variety of solid colors and granite-patterned colors
  • Matte Finish Standard
  • Intended to be trimmed and fitted at time of install
  • Minimum order of 50 combined linear feet of all trim moldings per color applies.
  • Cannot be shipped separately from shower wall panels

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