Shower Pans, Receptors & Bases


The hospitality industry is ever changing. And, when it comes to hospitality construction, it seems to change even more often. You are required to constantly update your venue, restaurants, rooms, bathroom facilities, and more. At Tower Industries, we understand this scenario and help you build solutions that are perfect for both your short and long-term needs.


Regardless of how your rooms are currently set up, we can design around your current layout, or offer up whatever your design team envisions.  More hotels are adding accessible rooms as the demand increases.  We can help you keep up.


We have plenty of design ideas that can set your rooms apart.  Whether you need a single VIP bungalow retrofitted with accessible showers, or you have hundreds of rooms with multiple layouts, we have you covered.

The Durable Solution

Hotels, ideally, are high traffic.  Lots of people put lots of stress on shower bases.  We decided to test exactly how much pressure our shower pans could take.  We almost broke the machine.

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