Shower Pans, Receptors & Bases


Healthcare facilities require special attention when it comes to countertops, lavatory bowls, and shower pan and wall panels. Just any material won’t do the trick. We have decades of experience providing healthcare facilities with solid surface solutions for bathrooms, patient rooms, and office/nurse stations.


Smart healthcare institutions ensure that patients don’t have to worry about fungus, parasites, bacteria, slipping, or falling in their hospital bathrooms. Typically, tile and fiberglass are the most common materials for building showers in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  Tile tends to be a bit more aesthetically appealing and fiberglass is usually the cheaper route. Both tile and fiberglass carry considerable drawbacks for hygiene, installation, maintenance, and overall cost.

Solid surface offers an alternative. More modern institutions deserve a more modern material that can provide the aesthetic appeal without overbearing and continuous cost. When it comes to hygiene, installation, and maintenance, solid surface is the superior material that stands the test of time without showing
signs of aging.


When hospital bathrooms and showers are in need of an update, there are plenty of factors to consider. For instance, should they be retrofitted or remodeled?  See examples of both.

Hospital Showers 101

When you’re dealing with ill or recovering patients, you want a shower system that can be both uniform and durable. Download this free eBook for tips on how to choose the right solution to meet your patient needs.

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