PRIVACY Compartments for a Midwest Manufacturing Facility

PRIVACY Compartments for a Midwest Manufacturing Facility

Tower Industries was referred to the client as the ideal company to provide a solution.

Challenge #1: HYGIENE

This large client’s employees’ shower and dressing rooms were outdated, undesirable, and not meeting current privacy needs. The old showers stalls were not just unsightly but difficult to clean to an acceptable level, leaving the user feeling the hygiene was questionable.

Solution #1: Gutting the existing showers and plumbing fixtures to the existing tile-wall and floor finish and installing easy-to clean Meridian® Solid Surface


The dressing areas in front of each of the 6 showers were cramped.

Solution #2: Reconfiguring the space to include expanded dressing areas, while preserving the existing wall and floor finish and the existing toilet and shower drain centers.

Challenge #3: PRIVACY

Privacy for both sexes are ongoing concerns. The current installation left much to be desired. With open locker rooms, even those changing did not have the privacy.

Solution #3 The plant management chose a higher level of privacy for those showering, changing, and using the restrooms by going with PRIVACY by TOWER compartments with Meridian® brand solid surface that features higher European type panels, a full 88” above-finished floor & No-Sight-Line doors. During Phase 2, completely new PRIVACY dressing compartments with Meridian® were added in an adjoining space for both men and women employees.

Challenge #4: TIMELINE

These are high use shower and toilet rooms, used up to 10 times a day around the clock, 7 days a week during the busiest seasons. All work had to be done during a one-week plant shutdown.

Solution #4: During that 1 week, before our installation, the General Contractor demolished the existing toilet/shower stalls, reconfigured the plumbing to fit the 2 new ADA type accessible showers being added to the 4 new standard showers- all with non-standard drain centers and PRIVACY dressing compartments in front. All told, in Phase 1, the 6 new Meridian® shower bases, walls, and adjacent 8 PRIVACY toilet compartments with Meridian® were installed in a span of just 3 days.

Phase 2, installed 1 month later included 13 European style full height dressing compartments with no-sight line compartments. All materials were Meridian® solid surface, cast to specification, ¾” thickness to mate perfectly with the Meridian® PRIVACY compartment system.

We are confident that this application is just one more example of how using the right combination of high-performance Meridian® solid surface and easy-to-maintain products make for ideal commercial solutions for returning and new clients of Tower Industries.

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