Custom Showers: Luxury at Home

In a recent survey of 400 people, 18% of all respondents, male and female, reported that their morning shower is more important to them than their first cup of coffee. If you’re like them, and cherish the warmth and comfort a shower brings each day, treat yourself to a custom shower so your showers each day truly are yours.

Customizing your shower can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment and safety, and can also be an excellent investment in your home’s value.

There will be loads of options to choose from including shower heads, lighting, flooring and safety features, the combination of which will create a shower experience that you will enjoy for decades to come — since you designed it!

Here are some key elements of a custom shower design that you’ll want to consider.

1) Space.

Will your custom shower require adding space to your current shower or bathroom? To accommodate a larger shower, will you have to move the toilet and sink somewhere else? Will a bigger shower leave enough room for a linen closet or for the existing tub? Showers can be configured for any size and space, and you can easily upgrade your shower within the confines of the size of your current shower. But if you want to expand your shower size, just be aware of the effect (and cost!) it may have on the rest of the bathroom.

2) Plumbing.

Sure the new overhead shower head, spray jets, body massaging spray, and handheld shower head will add luxury and convenience to your showers. But can your 1960s style water heater handle the extra hot water that will require? And what about your drain pipes? Will they need to be expanded to handle the additional volume?

3) Features.

As we get older, perhaps grab bars or seats would be smart additions for safety. A simple corner soap dish or soap and shampoo caddy might be a practical choice to maximize your space. What about additional lights or an extra valve? Non-porous solid surface shower base or tile?

In fact, with so many choices, designing a custom shower can actually be a bit overwhelming, so here’s a little advice:

Decide on your budget and stick to it. Costs can add up quickly: plumbing, materials, labor, electricity, etc. List the features you can’t live without, love, and want, then prioritize them.

Take careful measurements of your bathroom’s floor, ceilings, and walls.

Get help. Unless you’re an expert in plumbing, carpentry, and interior design, it’s wise to bring in people to help create your customized shower. Just do your homework first. Knowing what features you want and can afford, and what dimensions you have to work with will help your contractor create the shower you want at the price you expect.

Have fun! Designing the custom shower of your dreams can be a rewarding and sometimes even romantic experience. Let your imagination guide you as you create a shower experience that you will love every single day.

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