Architects & Designers Create with Solid Surface

Architects & Designers Create with Solid Surface

Originally created by DuPont scientists in 1967, Solid Surface is well-known for its benefits such as durability, reparability, non-porosity, ease of maintenance, hygiene, ability to be customized. What is less known? Solid Surface comes to market two ways; sheet manufacturers & casting manufacturers.

Sheet Manufacturers, like Corian® and Hi-Macs®, extrude sheets using large sheet presses. Cast manufacturers like Tower Industries start with a molten solid surface liquid which is cast into both objects & sheets using molds. Both casting and sheet solid surface methods produce solid surface sheets and use the same ingredients, polymer resin, alumina trihydrate, and pigments.

The difference is the cast process’ capacity to shape the material into virtually any 3D shape. What does the ability to CAST solid surface mean for the Architect/Designer? Almost every design, shape, or profile conceived can be made of solid surface affordably!

A world-famous German architect designed a new food service concept. It called for a servery top sculpted of cast solid surface. Using a combination of molds and machining, Tower Industries was able to use Meridian® Solid Surface to create uniquely contoured surfaces and bowls that met the architect’s exact vision design specifications

Elsewhere, a leading international resorts developer has specified architectural moldings for their high-use public spaces. Working from a master of each profile, the casting process was developed to replicate the intricate decoration from Meridian Solid Surface.

In both commercial and residential applications, solid surface is best known for its use in wet areas because it is non-porous. This includes high use public washrooms in hotels, restaurants, and airports. When a commercial washroom fixture manufacturer required a shape not available in the market, our team went to work and designed a client-specific bowl that is now certified, in mass production.

These are just a few examples of how Meridian® Solid Surface by Tower Industries is often a go-to solution for forward-thinking designers & architects. In addition to the universal design flexibility, other benefits unique to Meridian® Solid Surface include:

• Greater chemical resistance
• Low cost of entry for casting molds
• Ideal for high quantity jobs
• Any thickness is possible
• Cast products save up to 50% labor when compared to fabricated sheet solid surface products
• Optional Bio-Resins can be specified.
• A wide variety of custom and standard colors are available.


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