Shower Pans, Receptors & Bases

Architects, Designers & Specifiers

We work with architects, designers and other specifiers on all types of projects – from custom kitchen designs to entire residence hall renovations. If you’re looking for a partner to provide countertops, showers, and sinks, logo-inlaid conference tables, or other custom fabricated products, you’ve come to the right place.

When your project is complete, your customers will be in love when they see their beautiful countertops, sinks, or showers, because they came from Tower Industries. Our quality, U.S. manufactured products are great for both YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER. You’ll be thrilled with the buying experience and the ease of installation; your customers will be ecstatic with the results they see!


Not every project has a cookie cutter design. In fact, most projects don’t. Have you ever found yourself trying to make standard items fit into projects that are heading in the non-standard direction? Existing drains don’t have to limit your project.  New construction, or a remodel, we can create the perfect solid surface shower pan to fit your single or multi-unit shower needs.


A balanced composition is the goal of any good Architect, or Designer.  Selecting the appropriate countertop color and material can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence.  Whether you want simple homogeneity with the walls looking like the counter, looking like the floor, or something as vibrant and unique as your client, we have the counter and vanity top for your project.

Custom Fabrication

Sometimes a flat solid surface sheet just can’t fulfill your inspiration. For those times, our Meridian Solid Surface® manufacturing line can bring your vision into focus. Whether your project requires customized tooling for a one-piece molded part or a massive block of solid surface that we then carve into something cool on our CNC’s, we can do that. The sky’s the limit.

Custom Conference Table

The conference table is the centerpiece of any meeting room.  Different designs can also be created and imprinted in a conference table, with many companies opting for branded conference tables, having their logo itself proudly emblazoned on a beautiful, expansive table. It looks great for clients, customers, and partners, and it will make your client proud every time you pull up a chair for a meeting or presentation.


Choosing the right cabinets is closely related to your selection of countertops. We are proud to represent Choice Cabinets’ line of quality all-wood cabinetry. Whether you need a single cabinet for a small bathroom or an entire kitchen, our cabinet options will address your needs. Choice Premier® cabinetry is an all-wood, feature-rich cabinet line crafted and hand-assembled using the highest quality wood.

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