University Bathrooms Transformation: 5 Things You Need to Know

We’ve all seen the college campus tours; wide-eyed high school students parading through vibrant campus quads under the watchful eyes of leery parents. While everyone on the tour will see the library and the student center, there is one stop that could be a major check in the “yes” or “no” column, depending on its condition: the bathroom. University bathrooms may not be the showstopper on a college tour, but they can be a difference maker.

Given the soaring cost of higher education, today’s prospective college student is a prospective customer that needs to be wooed. Everything about your university setting must be appealing, and yes, that includes the bathrooms. A 1950’s style university bathroom won’t cut it anymore for the millennial generation.

Here are five things you need to know when updating your residence hall showers:

1) Quality matters.

It might be a little more investment upfront, but quality fixtures, solid surface materials, bright lighting, and the right colors can go a long way. You want bathrooms that are safe and long lasting.

2) Keep them clean.

Showers have to be cleaned frequently, so choose efficiency. Solid surface showers are a wise choice. Easily wiped down with soap, water, and a cloth or sponge, solid surface materials are seamless. Unlike tile, there is no grout to scrub, and the surface is much less likely to damage.

3) Durability is key. 

Let’s face it, college students can be free spirits. Bear this in mind when selecting the materials for your university’s bathrooms. Elegant glass might fit well in the President’s suite, but it’s probably not the right choice for the residence hall bathrooms.

4) Environmentally friendly upgrades are a win-win.  

Many active students, faculty, and staff are concerned about our environment, so improvements like efficient faucets, flushometers, and lighting sensors will be appreciated. Not to mention the money you’ll save on your energy costs. (Also, they may be a tax write-off!)

5) Gender Neutrality.

The latest trend in university bathrooms is the conversion to gender neutral. The Huffington Post reported in 2014 that more than 150 American colleges and universities now feature gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. The argument is that trans-gender or non-binary students who are forced to use men’s or women’s rooms are unfairly “outed,” which can be the source of severely traumatic anxiety. In response, more universities are providing bathrooms that have lockable stalls and other facilities that are gender specific.

Your university offers beautifully landscaped open spaces, well-kept buildings with modern amenities, a distinguished faculty, and an education of the highest quality. Don’t let your university bathrooms be the thing that turns a prospective student into a lost opportunity.

Contact us today to discuss your university bathrooms and find out how we can help transform them into high quality facilities your students won’t be afraid of.

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