Transform Your Current Shower Into A Luxurious Custom Shower

Do you wish you had more space in your shower to create a more luxurious experience? Of course you do. Are you concerned about the cost of making your shower bigger? Of course you are!

Making your shower bigger can involve major construction elements like demolition, electrical and plumbing fixes, and interior design work. But maybe, just maybe, you don’t need more space to have the shower you want. Here are three features you can install in your current shower to make the most of the space you do have to make it a custom shower:

1) Upgraded water experience. 

How about an overhead shower head? Perhaps the soothing massage of extra body sprayers will give you the spa-like experience you crave? Would a steam-shower be of interest to you and your family? Or would a hand-held shower head be the practical answer to the custom experience you’re seeking?

How the water is delivered is the single biggest factor in creating a shower experience you look forward to each day – and you don’t need a bigger space to get what you want!


2) Pre-set customized preferences for each shower user. 

Like many things in modern life, the showers of today can be customized to the preferences of the users. Why not consider a digitally controlled shower experience that is pre-set for each user? Control the temperature, water pressure, and spray settings for each user, specifically serving the grown ups, children, and seniors who use it. The custom experience will be a joy for everyone who uses your shower – despite the size limitations.


3) Built-ins. 

They do it in living rooms, why not in showers? A clever set of shelves, some seating, or an out-of-the-way storage space will all reduce the clutter in your shower and maximize the space you have to enjoy your experience.

So stop thinking the showers you see in those home improvement magazines are out of reach for you and your family due to size constraints. Consider these three elements of a custom shower as a cost-effective way to create the shower of your dreams within the confines of your current shower space – and your wallet!

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