The Best Countertop Surface Options for Your Next Commercial Project

The Best Countertop Surface Options for Your Next Commercial Project

Before embarking on any commercial project, there are many options that must be considered. Selecting the best countertop surface material for the project is one of the key factors on which decision-makers, architects, and contractors must focus.

Each option has pros and cons, but some tend to tip the scale with imperative attributes such as investment, aesthetic, and life of the product.

Let’s review some product options with points related to each, to help make your selection.


  • A natural product, striking in appearance, and offered in a multitude of types and shades
  • Has a tendency to become more fragile over time leading to cracks
  • Regular maintenance will be required, along with probable refinishing
  • Using heat, sharp objects, and water directly on the surface would need to be avoided
  • Because of its porous nature, wood is not the right choice in a sanitary environment (hospital bathrooms, university bathrooms, etc.)


  • A high-end, higher priced, beautiful stone with slightly limited colors based on its natural origin
  • Heat resistant, but requires a quality sealer to avoid staining due to inherent porosity.
  • More durable and requires less maintenance than natural marble
  • Although higher in price, suitable for most commercial projects


  • Also a high-end, natural stone known for veining or its “marbling” effect
  • Heat, water, and stain resistant, but somewhat less durable than granite
  • Appropriate for many commercial projects, yet the higher pricing must be noted


  • A manufactured stone available in hundreds of colors
  • Extremely durable, and comparable in price to granite
  • Non-porous, so quartz is more water-resistant, sanitary, and easier to clean than most other options
  • A suitable product for any commercial project

Stainless Steel

  • A long-lasting, heat resistant product with an incredibly unique, modern, and trendy look
  • Prone to scratches, and requires very frequent cleaning due to fingerprints and smudges
  • Serves well in sanitary or sterile environments


  • Poured plain or in color, concrete offers a very unique and chic appearance
  • Very heat and scratch resistant, but requires repetitive sealing for water and stain resistance, which could lead to a higher ongoing investment
  • Must be careful when cleaning and be sure to use appropriate products to avoid staining


  • The most budget-friendly of the options, simple to clean, and available in multitudes of colors, patterns, and textures
  • Also, the least durable, so heat and sharp objects must be avoided
  • Inexpensively priced, but the lack of resilience may not work well with projects involving areas of high usage or requiring longevity

Solid Surface

  • A resin-based material that is made in a plethora of colors
  • Can be made to resemble natural stone
  • Highly resistant to heat, water, and bacteria, making it extremely easy to clean
  • Any scratches that may occur can be easily sanded away
  • Solid surface solutions are very fitting for most commercial projects

After reviewing these product options and learning what to expect of each, which is the best selection for your commercial project?

Obviously, initial cost is a definite factor to analyze, but the long-term investment is a consideration that cannot be overlooked. For reasons stated above, products such as wood, stainless steel, or concrete may not offer the longevity needed.

Granite, quartz, and solid surface solutions, on the other hand, may have a higher initial price tag, but offer elegance, higher durability, and a several-decade lifecycle. As a result, commercial project decision-makers, architects, and contractors must review all points related to products in order to select the best countertop surface material for the project.

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