Solid Surface Solutions Make a Difference in Healthcare

Solid Surface Solutions Make a Difference in Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities strive to provide the very best medical care. Additionally, these institutions are also responsible for ensuring patient safety. Although many elementsfacets are included on the patient safety list, the shower is an area that, with proper attention to a few details, will allow for greater ease of mind for those in patient care … not to mention the patientscaring for patients, as well as the patients themselves. Solid surface showers, in particular, offer a safe and sanitary remedies solution for hospital showers. So, why solid surface showers? Let’s look at four ways solid surface showers makes a difference in hospital showers.

1. Accessibility

When a patient is entering a shower, either assisted or alone, the shower needs to be safely accessible.  Safety and accessibility, as well as usability for patients, requires flexibility in design. Solid surface showers are manufactured from a durable, synthetic material that, by design, allows for flexibility in production.  Hospital architects and designersplanners, therefore, are able to customize the product to fit the needs of all their patients. Solid surface showers also offer flexibility in features, allowing for patient safety in the following areas:

  • Shower entries, including built-in ramps/thresholds
  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Sizes and shapes of shower bases
  • Thickness of shower walls
  • Add-on accessories, such as shower chairs and safety bars

By providing a solution properly customized for the patient, hospitals and healthcare facilities provide a shower environment the patient feels safe using.

2. Cleanliness

Hospital showers need to be clean and sanitary for patients. Solid surface shower solutions are seamless and non-porous, both of which help prevent growth of mold or mildew. This is an essential requirement for patient health.  Exposure to certain types of molds can lead to breathing issues and serious health problems.  Fundamentally, solid surface materials are impermeable and are not prone to cracks and leaks; therefore, mold and mildew will not form or grow, which helps to maintain a healthy area for patients.  Solid surface solutions cannot be permanently stained, creating a more visually clean surface as well.

3. Maintenance 

Solid surface showers are extremely easy to clean.  A very simple and regular routine of washing the shower surface with soapy water is all that is required for cleaning maintenance. When bathing in a healthcare environment, patients want a clean shower area. Solid surface showers offer a visual safety check to patients by providing a surface that’s free of mold and grime.

4. Durability

The more durable the shower area, the safer your patients will be.  Gouges in the shower base, cracks in the shower walls, or loose tiles are all dangers that could cause harm to patients when leaning, standing, or sitting in the shower area. Solid surface showers are tough, long lasting, and resilient, making shower bases and shower wall panels virtually maintenance-free.  Any minor damage that might occur can be easily addressed to help maintain the solid surface quality. P Your patients will feel safe using a hospital shower that is free of cuts or cracks and missing tiles.

Overall, showers need to be safe for everyone, but hospital patients are in a more vulnerable state and need to be protected.  Solid surface showers provide the safety and sanitation that hospitals require for proper patient care and that patients require to feel safe.

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