Secure A Lifetime of Safety and Accessibility in Your Shower: An Easy-to-install ADA Shower Pan is Key

Whether you’re planning a commercial project that must meet ADA regulations or you’re improving the accessibility of the shower in your home or business, installing an ADA shower pan can be the key to achieving your goals.

Reducing or eliminating an entry step enables wheelchair users and people with disabilities to safely and comfortably gain access to a shower. ADA shower pans can be customized to fit your current shower dimensions, instantly transforming your shower into a safe, accessible and ADA compliant one.

Let’s not forget the safety of our loved ones. We’ve all seen the data: Americans are getting older. By the year 2030 there will be 32.5 million more people over age 65 than there were in 2009 – 19% of the American population. Every one of these seniors will need a safe environment in their bathrooms, where the danger of injury is higher than any other room in the house. As mobility becomes a more frequent concern, ADA shower pans can be centerpieces for commercial and residential shower safety upgrade projects.

ADA shower pans are slip-resistant, and once installed can eliminate any barrier to entry for a wheelchair or a person with mobility limitations. Imagine rolling your wheelchair directly into the shower for a comfortable, independent bathing experience! Worry less about grandma, as she easily navigates the low threshold and slip-resistant flooring.

If you are constructing showers for assisted living or health care facilities, retirement communities, or for university residence halls, ADA shower pans are an excellent choice as well.

Additional features of the ADA shower pan:

  • Easy to install without requiring the lowering of floors, they some with integral or independent shower threshold. Pans can be easily installed on top of existing shower sub-flooring, ensuring low labor costs on installation.
  • Multiple colors and sizes ensure pans will fit nicely with current shower structures, styles and designs. The pans will also integrate well with existing tile, marble, stone, or other wall finishes.
  • Custom pans are available to adjust to existing plumbing and drain configurations.
  • Most pans available with 10 to 30-year limited warranties.

ADA shower pans are a versatile solution to a variety of safety and compliance issues. Durable, hygienic and easily installed, an ADA shower pan can ensure a lifetime of safe, independent and comfortable bathing experiences for everyone.

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