Improving Accessibility and Cleanliness in Your Hospital Showers

There are two groups of people who care deeply about showers in hospitals: people who use them, and administrators who are liable for the health and safety of patients. For both groups, two issues stand out: accessibility and cleanliness.

Let’s talk accessibility first.

There are two major elements of a hospital shower that can compromise accessibility: safely gaining entry, and the utilization of the equipment inside.

Gaining Entry:

There is no better way to significantly improve accessibility on entry than to install Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessible shower pans. These pans have no “lip” to them, so individuals in wheelchairs or with other mobility challenges do not have to navigate a step up and then step on to a wet surface.

Accessing Equipment:

There are several accessories that can ensure that people, whether they’re physically challenged or not, can safely use a shower. Shower chairs, safety bars, removable shower heads, and a conveniently placed soap dispenser will help ensure a safe, comfortable, and practical shower experience for anyone.

Now on to cleanliness.

Are there any other facilities that should concern themselves with clean showers more than hospitals? Taking a nice warm shower in a hospital can be revitalizing, and can be a needed respite as patients face whatever ailments they’re up against. But one cannot take a shower in a hospital without wondering who has used it before, and what their sickness was. In order to alleviate these concerns, hospital showers must be spectacularly clean.

In addition, bacteria and other microorganisms that can be found in showers cause many health care-associated infections, so keeping them clean is an essential part of the health care system’s responsibility.

One key way to improve cleanliness in hospital showers is to install non-porous, solid surface materials. Solid surface hospital showers have no seams, grout, or crevices, making them easy to wipe down and disinfect.

The bottom line, however, is you can’t just have accessibility without cleanliness, and cleanliness without accessibility won’t do you any good either. Fortunately, there is one solution for improving both cleanliness and accessibility in hospital showers, which is to install a durable, solid surface shower that contains the accessories necessary for a safe, comfortable shower environment.

Accessibility and cleanliness in hospital showers can be markedly improved with solid surface materials, which don’t have grout where bacteria can hide, and are resistant to mold and mildew. They are also easily cleaned with a cloth or sponge, an important factor when trying to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness.

To learn more on how you can keep your hospital showers clean and accessible, contact us or call 330-837-2216 to speak to one of our highly trained representatives.

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