How Your Project Can Benefit From A Custom Shower Base

How Your Project Can Benefit From A Custom Shower Base

Not every project has a cookie cutter design. In fact, most projects don’t. Have you ever found yourself trying to make standard items fit into projects that are heading in the non-standard direction?

Although standard products are easy to find and buy, they don’t always offer the best solutions. Specifically, regarding large bathroom projects for hospitals, hotels, and government buildings. Oftentimes, it might seem easy to start with a standard shower base model and then design the remainder of the bathroom around the shower. Actually, though, by utilizing a custom shower base, your project might benefit in several ways.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.


With a custom shower base, you don’t need to stay confined to the norm. Maybe your project presents the hurdle of limited space, or maybe it needs a less-than-normal shape to the shower. With a standard shower base, either of these needs might be out of the question. Rather than modifying your project’s needs, or disappointing your customer, use a custom shower base to solve both problems. Bottom line, utilizing a custom shower base provides more freedom to architects and designers.

Less Stress

Rather than architects or designers increasing their concern of how to make a square shower base fit into a round area, so to speak, by using a custom shower base, the project can become worry-free in this area. If other imperative requirements in a bathroom project force a unique shape or size for the shower area, a custom shower base is a very simple solution. With the option of incorporating a custom shower base into any hospital or hotel project, an architect need not worry again; the base will always fit.

Endless Options

No more only “chocolate or vanilla” options. With custom shower bases, there are more than just 31 flavors of choice. Custom shower bases offer endless color and texture selections. Plus, with solid surface showers, the custom base adds a very upscale look.

Custom shower bases allow flexibility in design but also solve multiple design issues. Sometimes the project workspace offers unique requirements, such as unique sizes and unique shapes. A custom base, though, can be crafted to fit any area and create any shape, whether the base requires edges that are straight, curved, rounded, angled, multiple-sided, or a combination of shapes. Custom shower bases can also be designed to work with different drain locations as needed.

Access, too, is an incredibly important element to the customization of a shower base. A barrier-free entryway will benefit end-users that have difficulty accessing a shower.

Ultimately, custom shower bases add a unique and original style to a hospital, hotel, or government building bathroom project. By opting to utilize custom shower bases, architects and designers are given more freedom and flexibility in design, which leads to less stress in trying to make a standard shower base fit into a non-standard project. Customization is key to optimizing a unique bathroom space and allowing multiple options in size, shape, color, and accessibility.

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