How to Remove Spray Paint from a Fiberglass Shower

You might be wondering why we’re writing an article about removing spray paint from a fiberglass surface, especially considering we don’t manufacture fiberglass showers here at Tower Industries. Well, believe it or not, we’re writing this article because this is a question we’ve been asked by clients a time or two.

So how do you remove spray paint from a fiberglass shower?

Our response? You don’t. Just rip out the fiberglass and install a solid surface shower instead.
We’ve heard stories about rescuers sifting through the rubble of an earthquake and finding entire homes demolished, but one thing left standing: the solid surface shower. Solid surface showers, unlike fiberglass or acrylic, are exceptionally durable and destruction-proof.

So why are we talking specifically about spray paint in this article? Well, our solid surface showers work especially well in residential facilities, like hospitals and college dorms. And in college dorms particularly, the demographic using these showers is, well, a little rowdy. You remember college, right? College is essentially four years of partying with the occasional study break. So you can imagine the kinds of things college students do to, and in, these dormitory showers. Spray painting graffiti is just one example.

Solid surfaces are a particularly perfect solution for college dorms. A lot of university residence halls were built decades ago (or even more, depending on the school). The showers have strange layouts, and it’s very difficult to find standard shower sizes that will fit. The nature of solid surfaces lends itself very well to this dilemma; solid surfaces are highly customizable and can be manufactured to fit almost any space, which allows for extensive design flexibility.

When it comes to things like spray paint and other stains, solid surface showers pass that test with flying colors. Solid surfaces are non-porous, which means they won’t absorb anything. Harsh chemicals won’t damage solid surface, and neither will a power washer. That spray paint will come right off with some minor sanding.

The non-porous make up of solid surface showers means they are also highly sanitary, since nothing can soak into the shower floor or walls. Forget about mold, mildew or an outbreak of athlete’s foot on the second floor. And whatever surface bacteria accumulates on top of the shower surface can be cleaned quickly and easily.

And, perhaps most important for a college dorm, solid surfaces are extremely durable. Don’t worry about college kids lugging kegs of beer in and out of the shower. Again, probably not surprisingly, this is a common problem!

We hope you’ll consider solid surfaces for your next shower solution. We spoke specifically about college dorms in this article, but each of the benefits listed above applies to residential use as well. If you’re storing kegs of beer in your shower at home, though, you might want to reconsider that location. How do you actually shower in there?

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