Four Reasons Solid Surface Might Be Right for Your Residence Hall Bathrooms

Four Reasons Solid Surface Might Be Right for Your Residence Hall Bathrooms

If you’re working on a residence hall bathroom project, you’re probably reviewing the many material options you have available for you. More and more universities are choosing solid surface over others, so maybe you should too.

There are many reasons why solid surface may be the right fit for your residence hall bathrooms project, but let’s take a look at just four of them.

1. Solid Surface is Virtually Maintenance Free

With many other materials, such as tile, regular re-grouting and sealing are needed. With solid surface showers, you won’t need to spend anywhere near the same amount of time and money on ongoing maintenance. And when it comes to cleaning, a simple warm water and soap combination is all that’s needed.

2. Solid Surface Offers Custom Options.

Solid surface can be made to fit just about any shape and size, providing your project with flexibility to meet the needs of your residence hall bathrooms, including retrofit solutions or new construction. Whether you need a unique shape, drain placement, or style of entry, your options are practically limitless.

3. Solid Surface is Safe

As mentioned above, solid surface showers are easy to clean, but they’re also non-porous. While other materials expose your residence hall bathrooms up to potential threats of mold and mildew, you can rest easy knowing your solid surface showers are clean and safe for students to use.

4. Solid Surface is Built to Last

Residence hall showers get a lot of use, so they need to stand the test of time. No university wants to pour thousands of dollars into new showers every couple years. Instead, what’s needed is a product that is going to last. Solid surface is extremely sturdy and built to last a lifetime.

Students depend on universities to provide them with clean and safe residence hall bathrooms. Universities need showers that are durable and won’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance. Solid surface showers offer the strong, easy to clean, customizable options that a university can be proud of. Click here to download the free ebook University Bathing 101 and learn more about how to make the right decision for your residence hall bathrooms!

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