Finding the Perfect Shower Base for Your Next Project

Finding the Perfect Shower Base for Your Next Project

When planning a new build or remodeling project for a bathroom, there are countless decisions and factors that university or hospital officials and architects need to make and consider. Floor plans, features, installation, timeframe, and budget are just a few. Each aspect of a university or hospital bathroom should be closely scrutinized to provide the best overall design. When reviewing the showers specifically, one of the areas that needs to be carefully analyzed is the shower base.

Let’s look at the elements that need to be considered in order to find the perfect shower base for the project:

Shape and Size Matter

One important consideration during the planning phase is the layout of the bathroom and what space will be dedicated to the shower. Architects need to consider the designated space for the shower, as well as the proximity to any nearby features. One would want the opening of the shower door to be free and clear, not bumping into the sink or wall, for instance.

Consequently, whether there is space for a larger shower using a rectangular-shaped shower base versus the need to compact the area by using a square-shaped shower base is an important question that needs to be addressed. If the shower area needs further condensing, designers could consider using a quadrant shower base (a triangle shape with one rounded side) or a pentagonal shower base (similar to a square, but with one corner removed). Additionally, opting for a custom shower base is always a viable solution, for unique shape and size requirements, as well as style preferences.

Style Is Eternal

The look of the shower base is key in that the appearance and feel need to blend with the style and features of the bathroom. Fortunately, finding a shower base to match the style of the bathroom is not an obstacle, as a multitude of textures and colors are available. Moreover, if the style desired does not appear to be readily available, custom shower bases are the solution to meet with any distinctive needs.

Materials Are Essential

When evaluating the requirements associated with quality, installation, cost, and longevity, the type of product used plays a huge role in the final decision. Materials such as acrylic and fiberglass can be budget-friendly and easy to install, but they wear and tear more easily, thus having a shorter lifespan. Tile shower bases offer beauty and potentially creative designs, but installation costs can run very high, as well as long-term maintenance expenses, as tile requires consistent, thorough cleaning, regular re-grouting, and potential tile replacement due to damage. Real stone shower bases are beautiful and resilient, but are also on the expensive end of the spectrum. Solid surface solutions provide the style, shape, and size necessities, and also offer long-term cost savings. Solid surface solutions are inherently mold and mildew resistant, easy to clean and maintain, offer customizable bases, and are incredibly durable over the decades.

In the end, the perfect shower base for your university or hospital bathroom project does exist.

Being aware of and planning around the spacing and size options or confinements is imperative to getting started. By appropriately considering these factors, shower base perfection is within reach.

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