Fiberglass VS Solid Surface: Pick the Best for Long-Term Enjoyment

Fiberglass VS Solid Surface: Pick the Best for Long-Term Enjoyment

One of the most popular renovation projects for the home is a bathroom remodel, second only to a kitchen makeover. When it comes to the bathroom renovation, the shower area always gets a bit of TLC, yet in today’s market, shower base materials have been getting a lot of flak lately. Walk into your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, and you will be overwhelmed by fiberglass shower bases.

What is good about Fiberglass?

The real question is; why would anyone want to buy fiberglass? There aren’t many positive reasons except that it is inexpensive and easy to install. But a fiberglass shower base isn’t durable. It looks cheap and flimsy. It is very thin since the material is made from simple fiberglass-reinforced plastic placed in layers into a mold and then coated with a resin.

Have you ever picked up a fiberglass shower base? It is so flexible and lightweight that it doesn’t provide a stable feeling once installed. In fact, it feels like it will fail at any minute once you step into it. Another downside is that the finish easily fades, stains and cracks.

Why is Fiberglass Still on the Market?

It’s cheap to buy and easy to stock for big box retailers. Also, keep in mind that places like Home Depot want to have repeat customers. By selling a product that isn’t durable, they can ensure that the customer will return in a few short years to replace their fiberglass shower base again once it becomes marred. Repeat customers bring in more profits. Money becomes more important than high quality for these big box retailers.

What is the Better Alternative?

When you are comparing fiberglass vs. solid surface, the answer is clear that solid surface is the higher quality material. Solid surface consists of natural ground minerals combined with polymers that are molded into a shower base form. They offer a unique beauty due to the natural mineral colors that are present throughout the entire surface.

Solid surface materials are also incredibly strong and durable. Meridian Solid Surface shower bases can withstand pressures of over 78,000 pounds during independent load testing. The materials are heavier, giving a more stable feeling that it will last for almost a lifetime.

Another advantage is that solid surface handles heat well and it is resistant to stains, fading, and scratches. If it does become scratched, the finish can be easily repaired. So you don’t have to toss out your solid surface shower base and purchase a new one.

When it comes to cleaning, solid surface is nonporous. You won’t spend hours trying to scrub stains out of the surface. Even better, you won’t have to perform special maintenance and upkeep to maintain its beauty. It’s easy to wipe clean with cleaners designed for that material.

While solid surface materials cost more than fiberglass, the long-term benefits far outpace the very few advantages you would find in purchasing fiberglass. You can get a solid surface shower base and be rest assured that you won’t have to replace it for a very long time. As for fiberglass, you will end up spending more in replacement costs.

If you are looking for the immense benefits that solid surface materials offer to your home renovation, contact Tower Industries at 800. 807.8889. We offer a wide range of solid surface shower bases, countertops, and other products for your home renovation or custom home build.

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