Dare to Dream: How The Shower You Desire Can Be Yours

Are you ready to upgrade to the shower of your dreams – only to realize how much it costs is a nightmare?

Well, there are ways to ensure your dream shower can become a reality if you consider a retrofit shower system instead of a full-blown demolition.

Installing a retrofit shower system in your existing shower can deliver everything you’re looking for in your upgraded shower experience. Perhaps you crave a rainfall overhead shower head? Check. Maybe you’ve always wanted extra spray jets in your shower? Check. Maybe you’d love a hand-held shower head? Check. All of these features are available in a retrofit shower system – without needing to demolish your current shower and starting over.

Retrofitting your shower can also help reduce your water costs, making your shower more environmentally friendly. Retrofits can also be used to install safety features like bars, chairs and non-slip flooring.

Why pay thousands more to demolish your current shower, trashing perfectly good equipment in the process, and taking days or weeks longer to complete the project? By choosing a retrofit shower system instead, you get everything you want in a shower for less time and money.

Still unsure?  Here’s a quick exercise that can help decide whether a retrofit shower system is a solution that works for you.

Make a list of all the elements of your current shower that you want to upgrade. What features do you really want to improve that will make your shower experience dreamy? Take your time – look online and in magazines to see what showers appeal to you, and why.

Once you know with specificity what you really want, check out your options with a retrofit shower system before you hire a contractor. If the features of a retrofit shower system coincide with those you want, well, you’ve just saved yourself thousands of dollars!  That’s not just a great deal. Some might even call it a dream come true!

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