Countertops in Bars, Restaurants, and Lounges

Countertops in Bars, Restaurants, and Lounges

Bars and restaurants in 2017 are increasingly realizing the benefits of installing unique, high-quality countertops. Why are beautiful countertops coming into fashion for restaurants, and how should you incorporate them into your establishment? In this blog, we answer those questions and more so that you too can take part in the new trend for style and substance in restaurant design.

Why Install a High-Quality Countertop?

High-quality countertops in your bar or restaurant signal to the customer that you care about quality and taste. A beautiful countertop made out of gorgeous natural materials like marble or granite – or man-made materials like Quartz, Merdian Solid Surface or Dekton – gives a firm, solid and stylish appearance to your workspace.

Beautiful, solid countertops also feel better to the touch than cheaper laminate countertops. If you own a coffee shop, for instance, customers will enjoy sipping on coffee while working on a beautiful, cool granite countertop. Likewise, sophisticated bar-goers will enjoy sipping finely made cocktails on a bar that is made from similar high-quality materials.

What Types of Materials Make Good Countertops?

As with everything else in the design world, different materials come in and out of fashion when it comes to countertop design. In the 70’s, cultured marble was all the rage, though it is starting to make a comeback. Right now, the countertop materials that are most in fashion are natural stone, quartz and man made materials. All of these materials have a tremendously solid, firm feel to the hand, and have a beautiful finish that signals high quality to your customers. New innovations in countertop material development have produced countertop materials like quartz, Meridian Solid Surface and Dekton that are easier to care for than materials like granite, which can absorb stains. The harder a material is, the less easy it is to scratch or otherwise damage, and this can be a huge bonus in high-traffic, high-use areas like restaurant bars.

How Should I Take Care of My Countertops?

When you invest in a high-quality countertop, you want it to endure for years. This is why it is very important to take good care of your countertops and learn the best way to care for yours. Dense materials like quartz, marble and Meridian Solid Surface should be cleaned with soap and water, or a household cleaner that has been tested in a small area to ensure that it will not damage the countertop. The denser the material, the less likely it is to absorb stains or colors that will mar the consistency of the counter. Materials like cultured marble are treated with a gel surface that helps repel stains and protect it from spills.

Countertops that have a consistent color throughout are good for spaces where there may be some scratching or other damage to the countertop. In this case, with a counter that has a consistent color, you can gently sand the damaged area. The sanded area will not look different in color than the areas near it.

No matter which material you choose, a high-quality countertop material will make your restaurant or bar shine. High-quality countertops will also inspire your customers to share their experience with others.

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