Bathroom Reboot: Say Hello to a Retrofit Shower System

A complete renovation isn’t always necessary to make a room feel new again. In fact, it’s amazing how seemingly small improvements—a new paint color or handcrafted accent pillows or interesting and unusual artwork—can transcend a room from blah to better. Much better.

This is true for all spaces, including the bathroom. OK, we know what you might be thinking. You might think there’s just so much a new set of towels and a coat of paint can do for a space that’s all about function first. But have you considered the shower? How would a new shower change the look and feel of the overall space?

“Wait!” you say. “A new shower will involve demolition, which will cost big bucks and make big messes.”

Ah, not so fast, grasshopper. See, you can improve your shower on a budget without having to gut and completely remodel. How’s this possible? Say hello to the retrofit shower system.

What is a retrofit shower system? 

It’s essentially a new shower installed on top of your old one. Retrofit shower systems can work in residential settings as well as commercial ones (for example, perhaps you need to redo a row of shower stalls in a sports facility’s locker room).


What are the benefits of a retrofit shower system?

The benefits are many:

  • You get the look and feel of a brand new shower for a fraction of the cost of a full bathroom renovation.
  • You can install retrofitted shower systems yourself (it’s a DIY dream come true).
  • You don’t need to do any plumbing. Since the system fits over your current system, all the existing plumbing stays intact.
  • You can choose from several aesthetically pleasing colors and textures, which will help give your space a total reboot.
  • You’ll be working with materials that are easy to maintain. Retrofit shower systems made from solid surface, for example, don’t have any seams or grout (like you have with tile).

What should you keep in mind when shopping around for retrofit shower systems?

Definitely pay attention to the material you choose. We’re fans of solid surface (it’s the material in our line of shower products). We love solid surface because it’s easy to fabricate, it comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, it’s non-porous (which makes it extremely hygienic and easy to clean), and it’s strong and durable.

That said, whatever material you opt for, you should test the installation materials before doing the entire shower. Also check the manufacturer’s warranty and make sure retrofits are covered. Keep in mind that your shower’s existing materials must already be firmly adhered, because a new installation will only be as strong as the existing one. In other words, a retrofit shower system won’t rescue shoddy workmanship on your current shower.

Retrofit shower systems are an excellent way to give just about any bathroom a boost. Learn more about our American-made Meridian Solid Surface shower products here.

Here’s to beautiful shower reboots!

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