4 Tips for Cleaning Commercial Solid Surface Shower Systems

Over time, all showers need care and maintenance from time to time. With Meridian Solid Surface shower systems, there is much less to maintain than with tile showers and most other materials. Since there’s no grout and solid surface shower systems are nonporous, there is also less risk of bacterial buildup or staining. Residue from soap and wear and tear from regular use can be taken care of easily using these basic tips.

  1. Your Meridian Solid Surface shower is easy to clean with warm water and most any normal household cleaner, followed by a rinse. Mildly abrasive cleaners may be used on matte-finished Meridian solid surface shower products with the warning that they should be tested first. Test on an area that’s inconspicuous to make sure the cleaner won’t damage the finish.
  1. Stains, abrasions, and wear from normal use can be fixed and buffed out pretty easily on matte-finished Meridian solid surface shower products. We recommend using white, green, or maroon Scotchbrite Scouring Pads to scrub and buff solid surfaces.
  1. You can use 220 or 320 grit sandpaper to sand down deep scratches and gouges in your Meridian solid surface shower. Using the more coarse sandpaper to start with will do the heavy lifting to sand down your surface and then you can work up to the finer grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. After you’ve sanded the surface down, you can use a Scotchbrite Scouring Pad to return the product to its original luster.
    ·Please Note: The pebble-textured finish that is provided on the surface of most Meridian Solid Surface® shower bases cannot be sanded as outlined above. Sanding the surface of a Meridian Solid Surface® shower base will remove the non-slip pebble texture, resulting in a smooth, matte-finish in the sanded area.
  1. DO NOT apply sealers, waxes, penetrants, or other topical treatments to your Meridian Solid Surface® shower product(s) under any circumstances.

Taking care of your Meridian Solid Surface shower is a really simple and easy process. Solid surface takes a lot of the hassle of cleaning and maintaining your shower out of your life. Since the materials are homogenous, occasionally sanding or buffing to remove marks shouldn’t be noticeable or detrimental to your shower. Here’s a guide to the cost of ownership of solid surface.

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