3 Things You May Not Know About Solid Surface Shower Wall Panels

3 Things You May Not Know About Solid Surface Shower Wall Panels

Whether you’re working with showers in a commercial or residential building, educational setting, healthcare environment, or a wide range of other facility types, solid surface shower wall panels can provide an ideal solution.

You might know that you can get some high quality shower wall panels using solid surface, but here are a few things you may not know about solid surface shower wall panels:

1. They are Customizable

Solid surface shower wall panels are entirely customizable. They can be molded to fit the specific needs of your project, giving you the perfect fit, every time. You’ve got options of colors and designs, and they work great with shower accessories and add-ons, such as trim moldings, corner soap dishes, shampoo caddies, and even seats. Get the perfect look with the right functionality to match any need or setting.

2. They Come in Tile Patterns

Solid surface shower wall panels can be designed to look like tiles. With tile patterns, the great aesthetics of tile is achieved, without the hassles and annoyances of cleaning and repairing grout. That’s a win-win solution that any building manager or planner can be happy with.


3. Inset Designs Look Great

Taking those tile patterns even further, extra touches can be added with inset designs. This includes what are known as accent strips that add a great visual component to the final design. Accent strips may include different patterns or textures, such as squares, diamonds, or even subway tiles.

And here’s a bonus:

In addition to the above factors you might not have known, all of the benefits of solid surface you already love still remain. Those include the fact that they’re safe, they’re durable, and they’re easy to maintain, delivering a cost-efficient and hassle-free long-term solution. Don’t worry about cleaning or maintaining grout or other issues. Instead, enjoy a seamless, solid surface solution.

Tower Industries provides a wide range of solid surface solutions for a variety of different applications, industries, and settings. This includes a huge array of different possibilities and custom solutions for solid surface showers and shower wall panels. Learn more about how we can help and see the full extent of our capabilities by browsing our site; or give us a call at 800.807.8889 with any questions.

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