3 Signs You Should Invest in a Custom Shower Base

3 Signs You Should Invest in a Custom Shower Base

Not many building or remodeling projects are considered cookie cutter these days. We live in a customizable world, and the desire for unique and custom products is ever growing. There are also projects that, for one reason or another, absolutely require a custom solution.

Looking at showers in particular, there are several signs architects, commercial builders, and general contractors should look for, that point toward the need for an investment in a custom shower base.

Let’s take a closer look at these signs.

1) Unique Customer Style

When working with a customer that has a very unique style, perhaps someone who has converted an old warehouse into a home, for instance, chances are they will want unique applications throughout the project. On a less extreme level, a customer might desire a frameless shower, a look common in very modern or high-end homes. These customer styles are triggers for the need of a custom shower base. To people with unique style, the word “custom” can be very appealing, so you should be prepared!

2) Odd Requirements

Sometimes the look of a bathroom makes the decision to use a custom shower base obvious. Maybe you’re working with an oddly shaped shower area or bathroom, or a non-standard drain location. There is no need to reconstruct the bathroom or redesign the plumbing. A custom shower base can be a perfect solution in these situations.

3) Large Projects

Another reason to consider investing in a custom shower base is a project requiring multiple showers, like a gym locker room or university residence hall. With larger projects like these, there tend to be multiple requirements in the mix, such as the preferences of the decision-makers and designers, the needs of the people using the shower (safety and cleanliness), and most likely meeting certain State and Federal regulations, like ADA requirements. Custom shower bases in large bathroom projects can meet the needs of all parties involved.

When the signs point to a custom shower base, the clear choice is a solid surface material. A solid surface shower base allows for all of the specialized requirements and desires listed above. Custom shower bases are configurable for any space and size, any thickness and color, can be used in new installs or remodels, and offer safety, durability, and accessibility.

Considering a custom shower base for your next project? Call us today at 330-837-2216 or contact us here to discuss your needs. And, if the mention of a large project sparked interest, download our free Guide to University Bathroom Projects.

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